Basic Information On Canvas Prints

6 Aug

An image transferred onto a stretched canvas is called a canvas print. They look greatly different from regular photos as the texture and finish of the canvas is different. Also the image looks more real like a painted sketch because of how ink spreads on canvas. Online Canvas art in UK has gained huge popularity and the numbers of stores that provide canvas arts are continually increasing. Canvas prints are great for designing the interior of the house. A right image will suit any décor. Canvas wall arts can add elegance to an office setting and the canvas photo prints can also add personal touches in a house. Bright colored floral canvas art will immediately add liveliness to a room. Many regular photo printing stores also offer canvas prints.


The sizes of the prints can vary according to requirements. But generally, canvas prints are bigger in size than the regular photos. At many places, the starting size for canvas print is 6 inches. It may extend to a print which covers the whole wall in a house. It is possible to print images on a canvas as big as 12 feet. Canvas wall art and prints are more expensive than photo prints but are very much worth the price. This process of transferring images to a canvas is not new. It was in use even decades ago. Famous artworks were often copied into canvasses using offset printers. Later inkjet printers were also pressed into providing prints on the canvas. Until a few years back, canvas prints usually held artworks. Now it is possible to personalize these prints. Any image digital or otherwise can be passed on to canvas form. The most common canvas material is pure cotton.

Quality of the canvas can be measured through the gsm. The 380 gsm Canvas from CanvasDesign UK is a good choice. Many stores offer such heavy canvasses for their quality. It is possible to customize the canvas arts to a great degree. Once the transfer of images and the printing is complete, the canvas is cut according to requirements. It is then stretched, wrapped and fixed using staples or gums so that the stretch of the canvas is maintained. The prints are usually then framed. If you do not want to frame the print, it is possible to wrap it to protect the print. The frame on which the canvas is mounted can be chosen according to individual tastes. You can also choose how you want the canvas to be wrapped. If you choose no wrap, the image will end at the border and plain canvas will be wrapped around.


If you choose gallery wrap, the image will continue on the sides of the wrap. This will look good on some floral pictures or scenic wall arts. It is not at all necessary to visit a printing store to get a canvas print. There are many online stores that give you many options for canvas printing. It is also simple to use the online stores. Customization is also simpler. It is possible to view how the chosen setting will look on the print online before choosing a customization.


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